We require that a valid credit card number be kept on file at all times. Your credit card will only be charged if your meal service is active or if you order retail products. If your card is expiring or has been lost, stolen or compromised please update with our Billing Department or by logging on to your MTT account at We must receive the alternative payment information before the billing day which occurs every Friday. Payment is due upon receipt of services.

*Interest at the rate of 1½% per month (18% per annum) will be charged on all past due balances. In the event the account is delinquent and satisfactory arrangements have not been made for payment, the undersigned agrees to pay all legal fees, attorney’s fees, court costs, including charges and collection agency fees up to 35% of the balance assigned, with or without suit.

**All credit card transactions for MEALS THAT TRANSFORM are conducted through a secure server and processing service. Credit card information will not be shared with other parties. Only authorized personnel with assigned usernames and passwords can access credit card information and solely for processing payments and refunds.

Monthly Meal Plans: Sold 4, 8, and 12-week blocks. These are pre-paid plans that come with a set number of meals and snacks per the program client has chosen. Monthly meal plans cannot be canceled, but service can be paused with a 7-day notice and then resumed at your discretion. These plans are NONREFUNDABLE.

-A $45 fee will be charged if your cooler(s) used for weekly delivery is not returned upon cancellation of services.

-A $50 fee for meal service cancellations will be charged PER MEAL PLAN for less than 7 days’ notice.

-A $50 fee plus the cost of food will be charged PER MEAL PLAN for meal service cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice.

-A $15 fee will be charged if a cooler is not left out for exchange on the morning of your meal delivery.

– Outside of allergies and your nutritionist’s recommendations, any one meal plan is allowed up to five personal preferences (meal customizations), should one’s preferences exceed five a weekly surcharge will be added.

-MEALS THAT TRANSFORM is NOT responsible for lost or stolen meal or retail deliveries. Should this happen, it is the client’s responsibility to notify us by 8am on the day of your delivery. If product availability allows, we will provide you with another meal plan for a $50 replacement fee.

PAID IN FULL (PIF) PLANS: PIF Plans expire 1 year after purchase.

The “IMPROVE YOUR SELFIE” plan includes two tubs of our OM POWER PROTEIN at the start of the program. Additional retail items will be charged at product rate (see our website for pricing). The “IMPROVE YOUR SELFIE” plan is a six-week program, should you discontinue the program before 5 weeks of service you will be charged the cost of one tub of protein ($50).