What Is Success and How Can We Create Our Own Definition?

What is success? How do you define success? Has your definition changed over time? How can you redefine success right now when the whole world seems upside down? How can you show kindness and compassion to yourself by adjusting your expectations and redefining what it means to be successful?

Success. The word itself is a positive motivator challenging us to associate our own definitions with our experience in pursuing it. Success is not a destination you will “arrive” at, it’s an ongoing series of daily choices that will lead you to where you want to be, but with the understanding that there will be many more choices to come that will continue the journey.

Define Success At Different Points In Your Life

When things are in flux, allow yourself to remain in a state of rebuilding, redefining and re-creating the definition of your own success. Throughout the ever changing seasons of life, there are 4 practices which can become constant in your efforts to achieve ongoing dreams and aspirations – regardless of circumstances.

Positive Self-talk Leads To More Success

No one can talk you into believing you can overcome personal challenges and achieve your dreams more than your own psyche. Utilizing the “I Am . . .” mantra on a daily basis can be a real a survival staple in your ability to adapt and rediscover who you are and who you can be in uncharted territory. Remind yourself of your positive qualities and the small “wins” in your day to keep yourself motivated.

(re-)Commit To Your Vision 

When you approach your life path as a passive experience, you will never know how much could have been achieved or what strength has laid dormant to overcome challenges when they arrive.

Choosing to be happy in our choices is paramount to personal growth and success. We’ve have made good and bad choices that have different outcomes at different times in our lives. Whether those choices have been personal or business related, we have to own our part in the choice.

Success is rooted in the ability to accept responsibility for our own choices and turn them into growth experiences for the future. So, being happy in who we are because of what our experiences have taught us, is truly a beneficial choice for the individual definition of success. If we have learned the ability to rise above negative regret due to human error, then we have been teachable and that is a quality of great successful leaders.

Your Health Is Vital To Your Success

We only get one body – filling it with vital, life sustaining nutrients is imperative to success. If we are not feeding our brain and our body correctly, then it ceases to work for us and it begins to fail us. Allowing ourselves to get run-down and out of shape is the worst thing we can do for success. When we stop taking care of ourselves, we cannot physically and mentally perform, think clearly, rationalize and manage stress as well as we could if we maintained our wellness to optimal levels. Successful people recognize their body as a tool for manifesting their thoughts and treat it like a partner in accomplishing their goals.

Those Who Know Teach

Teaching is one the greatest ways to achieve success. Once we have learned valuable lessons with important information, we can become a part of helping another person’s success story begin. Inspire, mentor, motivate and genuinely offer advice and insight to those who are following in our footsteps, will enhance our success in society through respect for our shared voice. Personal happiness will also increase as we share our passions with others who are like-minded and willing to learn from our story. Often times, personal happiness is the biggest marker we can measure success by. Share what you have learned and what you have achieved to be a positive voice – even if that is limited right now to your fellow quarantine housemates or on social media!

These tips can be stable forces in helping you stay grounded as you build, and especially now, may have to rebuild your vision of success both professionally and personally. If we can help just one person feel more positive about how to achieve their goals, then consider that to be a great success too!